The American Institute of Architects Detroit’s Urban Priorities Committee (AIA-UPC)

Urban Priorities Committee (UPC): The goal of The UPC of the American Institute of Architects Detroit chapter is to bring awareness to the design community and to promote its involvement in the planning and design of our city and region.  We have a role in the design of our communities.  We offer our participation and expertise in assisting our city in the historic process of re-shaping the City to achieve a sustainable community design. The proposed 2011 event is to help achieve this common goal, which we hope would assist the City in its historic efforts.

Overview of 2011 Event: The UPC is organizing a four month long exhibit and symposium about Sustainable Community Design.  We are planning to have three events in Spring 2011, each event with a specific topic; Transportation, Urban Centers, and Urban Agriculture.  The symposium will have a common thread with the hosting of a panel discussion for each event.  While each of the three events will have a specific focus, all three will address one common theme: sustainable community design. Each event will be accompanied by an exhibit of design work focused on the topic.

Purpose of 2011 Event: The purpose of the 2011 event is intended to supplement the efforts of the Kresge Foundation and Detroit Mayor’s task force initiative of the Detroit Works Project by providing the public an exciting and engaging opportunity to learn, discuss, explore, and challenge the professional world of design and planning.

Requesting Proposals for Exhibit: We are seeking design or planning projects by students, faculty, or professionals that address the role of transportation, urban centers or urban agriculture in addressing Detroit’s shrinkage and in re-organizing the City. We invite design or planning proposals that draw attention to the four month long symposia planned in Spring 2011; promote the importance of design when planning transportation, urban centers and urban agriculture in a leaner and greener Detroit; educate the design profession and the public about the importance of civic engagement in re-shaping Detroit; and raise awareness of issues that matter to a broad range of stakeholders who may be affected by the City’s new strategic framework planning. While we prefer projects that are based in Detroit, other site locations are welcome, as long as the proposals describe clearly how they can be applied or beneficial to Detroit. A project that addresses all three themes (transportation, urban centers, and urban agriculture) together is also welcome.

Registration Deadline: February 14, 2011: If you are interested in submitting your proposal, please download the registration form (click here), fill it out and send the completed form to  UPC@aiadetroit.com

Submission Requirements and Deadline:

  • Required items & submission location: TBA at www.aiadetroit.com
  • Deadline: Transportation (March 21, 2011); Urban Centers (April 25, 2011); Urban Agriculture (May 30, 2011)

For inquiries please contact jbwilleriii@gmail.com (or jkim@ltu.edu, bhurttienne@hamilton-anderson.com)

We look forward to your participation!

AIA Detroit Chapter Urban Priorities Committee: www.aiadetroit.com

  • Joongsub Kim, PhD, AIA, AICP, Chair
  • Jonathan Disbrow, AIA, NCARB
  • Steven Flum, AIA
  • Brian Hurttienne, AIA, LEED AP
  • Robert Piatek, AIA, LEED AP
  • James Willer




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