Objectives and Questions for the Urban Centers Symposium

Group 1: Definition and relevance of Urban Center

What makes anUrbanCenter?

What is the definition of an Urban Center?

Are Urban Centers relevant in the age of megacities?

Group 2: Types of Urban Center

What are the regional Urban Centers and how do they relate to Detroit?

IsDetroitthe Urban Center for Southeast Michigan?

What are the existing Urban Centers in Detroit? How do we support, improve and build upon them?

AreDetroit’s more successful /viable neighborhoods existing Urban Centers?  If so, what do they have that less populated parts of the city do not?

Group 3: Connection

What is the relationship between the neighborhoods and existing or new Urban Centers in Detroit?

What is the connection between transportation and Urban Centers?  Are Detroit’s major arterial roads or major institutions factors in the location of Urban Centers?

What connects Urban Centers within the city and the region?  Are Urban Centers islands or part of a more complex network or local identity?

Group 4: Best Practice Examples and Principles

Are there examples of other post-industrial cities that have bolstered existing Urban Centers or created new ones in response to similar problems?  If so, what did they do?  What was successful, what was not?

What are the ideals should new or newly developed urban centers be designed around? (Sustainability?  Mass transit?  Adaptive reuse/innovative design solutions rather than historicism?)

Should the focus be on attracting and aiding developers for larger developments or strengthen and growth of existing stable neighborhood commercial / residential?

Group 5: Application to Detroit

What resources doesDetroithave that could be used to plan a successful new urban center around?  Are there areas with sufficient density and other amenities that could become a center of activity, new districts? (betweenCheyneParkto Joseph Campau & Franklin to the River?  Russell Industrial area?).

What are the symbolic/iconic images ofDetroitthat could be capitalized when developing urban centers?  (Abundance of factory buildings?  Riverfront?  Industry?  Labor? Design?)

How should the City ofDetroitmarket and attract developers for the following “prime parcels”?:

East Riverfront District, Uniroyal Site, Old Tiger Stadium Site, State Fair Grounds.

What role do grass roots projects in Detroit like the Heidelberg Project, The Alley Project, Power House Project, or Georgia Street Community Garden  shave in rebuilding Detroit and creating Urban Centers?  Are these bottom up projects Urban Centers?

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